Rules & Guidelines For Dec 2020 Decorate A Tree For Charity Competition

Guidelines & Rules for the Harlin Museum’s Decorate A Tree For Charity December 2020 Charitable Competition Event


  • All participating teams will be asked to fill out an entry form and pay an entry fee. The entry fee per group/team is $15.00, to cover the use of utilities, advertising, etc. during competition. The entry form may be found online at
  • Each team will be provided a space in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery large enough to accommodate the tree of their choice and to include access to electricity. Teams may decorate however they choose within that space, including the floor space beneath their tree and any space above. This DOES NOT include wall space.
  • All trees and decorations are to be provided by the entrant(s) to the competition. Artificial trees only, please.
  • Entrants may choose any theme or décor of their choosing EXCEPT that which would be considered vulgar or inappropriate for children.
  • Teams may choose any local non-profit or charitable organization for their tree to represent for the competition, even if another team has already chosen the same, however, all charitable choices must be approved by a member of the Harlin staff before they may be officially announced.
  • Each decorated tree scene must include a lockable collection box or another similar item with locking ability for donations. The donation boxes are not to be opened by anyone until the official counting of donations by Harlin staff unless there is a genuine reason approved by Harlin staff. In that instance, the collection box will be unlocked by Harlin staff, in the presence of or with approval from a member of that particular tree team.
  • Participating teams may also have a lockable collection box in their place of business and/or similar associated public places to accept donations for their tree. These collection boxes are not to be opened until they are brought to the museum on the day of official counting of donations, and then only by Harlin staff unless previously arranged otherwise with Harlin staff.
  • We will be operating on the honor system regarding all outside donation boxes. We ask that all participants please keep this competition honest and fair.
  • The Harlin Museum is not responsible for any damage incurred to displays while they are in the museum building. All displays will be watched over closely and will only be accessible to the public during open hours of operation. Any damage to displays or other issues will be immediately reported to the affected team.
  • Charitable organizations are eligible to enter a tree in the competition and are bound by the same rules as all other entrants.
  • Entrants may advertise their participation in the competition however they choose.
  • Entrants MAY NOT disparage, insult, or be otherwise offensive regarding another competition participant or their display. Those who are found to have broken this rule will lose 20% of their final donation count in regard to the winner’s count (but not in the amount given to their charity, unless the participant and charity are one and the same; in that instance, the 20% will be donated to the Harlin Museum).
  • Each display must be taken down and removed no later than Friday, January 8, 2021.