Art Presentation Workshop

Join us at the museum for an artist workshop that will help you present your art at it’s best! 

Learning how to properly present your art can make a prize-winning difference.

Harlin Board President Gladys Morris will be giving a class from 12 noon – 3pm on Wednesday, September 12th & again on Saturday, September 15th outlining the different ways you can improve the presentation of your art to make your masterpiece truly shine! 

Workshop will include:

  • Materials available to the DIY artist
  • Foal Points: How to draw the audience’s attention in, rather than distract from it
  • Choosing the right frame for your project; how to properly accent & compliment your artwork
  • Planning art to use standardized framing materials
  • Framing: the proper tools necessary to frame your own artwork
  • How to spruce up & reuse old frames from yard sales
  • What are gallery-wrapped frames and how to use them effectiely
  • Taking pride in your art: what the presentation of your art says about you as an artist

Cost for the workshop is $15 per person. All proceeds will go toward the operations & maintenance of the museum.