Artist Selection Announcement for 48th Annual Fall Art Show

We are happy to announce that the following entries have been selected for competition in Harlin Museum’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show:

“Colors Of Fall” by Deborah Lively

“Glencoe, Scotland” by Deborah Lively

“Springtime” by Deborah Lively

“Angel Fish” by Margret Lohr

“Blue Jay” by Margret Lohr

“Christmas Candle” by Marget Lohr

“Sunglass Reflections” by Margret Lohr

“Winter Stag” by Margret Lohr

“Country Roads” by Mark Wallen

“Country Roads Tornado Shelter” by Mark Wallen

“Maine Farm” by Mark Wallen

“Meramec Caverns” by Mark Wallen

“The Old Plow In Snow” by Mark Wallen

“New Life Ahead” by Bonnie Heenan

“Gaea in Flames” by Donna K. Lay

“Frankenstein’s Castle Ruins” by Donna K. Lay

“Autumn Mizz” by Donna K. Lay

“Fall Foliage”  by Donna K. Lay

“Different Angles, Different Views” by Sean McCormick

“Onlooker” by August Earls

“Sovereignty” by August Earls

“Summer Lights” by August Earls

“Christmas Joy” by August Earls

“Home” by August Earls

“Arkansas Woods” by Jeanne Roth

“Entangled” by Jeanne Roth

“Profusion” by Jeanne Roth

“Takin’ A Coffee Break” by Beth Ivens

“Around The Bend” by Beth Ivens

“Street Cellist” by Beth Ivens

“Beale Street Vibe” by Beth Ivens

“Street Performer” by Beth Ivens

“Two Brothers” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“May On The River” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Sunset Flowers” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Joplin Falls” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Sunset Rainstorm” by Cindy Asberry

“Sunshine Plays” by Cindy Asberry

“Rose And Fruit” by Carrie McIntosh

“Hydrangeas, Apples, And Pitcher” by Carrie McIntosh

“Duck” by Carrie McIntosh

“Old Barn” by Carrie McIntosh

“Flowering Vine And Old Home” by Carrie McIntosh

“Cat Got Your Tongue” by Lauren Acevedo

“Neva’s House” by Rhonda Richter

“Still Life: Teakettle And Pears” by Rhonda Richter

“Winter’s Warmth” by Rhonda Richter

“Ready To Run” by Jan Dennis

“Peace Lilies” by Jan Dennis

“Weeping Willow” by Jan Dennis

“Misty Mountain Meadows” by Jan Dennis

“Purple Iris” by Vicki Westerfield

“Silly Tiger” by Vicki Westerfield

“Belle’s Pansies” by Vicki Westerfield

“Elk In Autumn” by Vicki Westerfield

“Jemez Winter” by Vicki Westerfield

Congratulations Artists! 

The 48th Annual Harlin Museum Fall Art Show will open, on Friday, October 20th, and will be displayed in the Hathcock Gallery through November 19th.

*Edited to add selected entries by Donna K. Lay, Margret Lohr, Mark Wallen, Deborah Lively and Bonnie Heenan