Museum Opens 2021 Season With Annual Fiber & Textile Arts Competition Show

The Harlin Museum will open for it’s 2021 season of events by accepting entries on Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th (12pm-4pm each day) for their annual Fiber & Textile Arts Comprtition Show, which will be on display for the public from Februry 5th-28th in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery.

The museum is putting out a call for submissions to all regional fiber arts and textile arts artists. Entry fees for competition will be: 1 entry – $20.00; 2 entries – $30.00, 3 entries – $35.00, 4 entries – $40.  Enter 4 pieces and get a 5th entry FREE!  Limit 5 entries per artist. Cash or check only. Entries and entry fees are to be brought to the main gallery of the museum between 12pm-4pm on the appointed days for drop-off and each entry must meet the given guidelines for acceptance into the competition portion of the show.

Submissions may include any item that was created using fibers or textiles, including examples of: quilts/quilt art, afghans, crocheted & knitted articles, embroidery, hand-woven or machine-woven articles, felted wool projects, lacework, tatting, applique, handmade apparel from pattern or personal design, beaded items, woven rope, canvas work (needlepoint, petit pointe, etc.), macramé, etc.

The guidelines for competition are that any type of art or craft item that utilizes fiber or textile components as part of the piece is eligible to enter, all pieces must be the work of the artist entering the competition,  and entries must not have been previously entered in a Harlin Museum Competition Show. All competition entries will be evaluated 25% for general appearance, 50% for construction, and 25% for artistic design. A complete list of all submission guidelines can be found HERE.

Any questions regarding eligibility or other inquiries can be emailed to the museum at or you may contact the museum directly at (417) 256-7801. We look forward to another exciting year of art and regional hisrtory at The Harlin! See you at the museum!


Winners of Harlin Museum’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show Announced

With three separate divisions and multiple class and category distinctions, the Harlin’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show has been a generous opportunity for Ozarks artists to put their best talents on display..

Due to the museum’s precautionary coronavirus closure from March to September this year, the museum was forced to cancel its annual digital art show and was also unable to host its annual photography show during the closure. That’s why this year’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show was really a mega-show with 3 divisions (Fine Art (2D & 3D), Photography, and Digital Art), 2-3 classes per division (Novice/Advanced, Youth/Adult), and multiple categories—with the most being in the Fine Art 2D Division at five categories defined by medium: Oil Paint, Acrylic, Graphics, Watercolor, and Mixed Medium.

Offering up some of the most creative pieces our gallery has ever seen, the artists who participated in this year’s competition were varied in their exemplary talent. Out of the 79 total entries received from 17 artists in Southern Missouri (West Plains, Mountain View, Dora, Licking, Cabool, & Mountain Grove) and 2 from Northern Arkansas (Cherokee Village & Elizabeth), 17 of the competing artists won an award for their work— rounding out the number of distinctions awarded to a total of 42 prizes in all.


The winning entries of our 45th Annual Fall Art Show are:

Fine Art Division

















Class: Novice     Medium: Oil

1stMrs. Mouse with Purple Berries by Juanita Walker

2nd – Rusty Chevy Truck by Juanita Walker

3rd Pots by Juanita Walker

HM – Abandoned by Juanita Walker







Class: Novice     Medium: Graphics

1stBirds by John Cash

2ndAt Home In A Tree by John Cash

3rdRare Day In October by John Cash












Class: Novice     Medium: Mixed Medium

1stUnidentified Flying Colors by Trent Young

 2ndPicasso Inspired by Trent Young

3rdChristmas Presence by Trent Young









Class: Advanced     Medium: Oil

1stSunday At Simms by Lee Copen

2ndWildflower Hill by Lee Copen

3rd Bunny by Joyce Stewart

HM – Rocky Slope by Lee Copen








Class: Advanced     Medium: Acrylic

1stForce Of Nature by Lanie Frick

2ndLion In Bed All Day by Raymond Popp

3rd She Speaks by Lanie Frick

HM – From Here Begun by Raymond Popp







Class: Advanced     Medium: Watercolor 

1stBlue Jay by Jennifer Beach

2ndOld Mill by Carrie McIntosh

3rdDream Roses by Carrie McIntosh

Honorable Mention – Water Lily by Carrie McIntosh









Class: Advanced     Medium: Graphics

1stButterfly Stampede by Raymond Popp

2ndRBG by Jennifer Beach

3rdTeagan by Jennifer Beach

Honorable Mention – Squirrel by Sheila Donley

Honorable Mention – Horse by Sheila Donley



























Class: Advanced     Category: Mixed Medium

1st – Song Of India by Erica Humphreys

2nd – Scotty by Randy Connell

3rd – Dead Fall Leaves by Trent Young










Class: Advanced     Category: Sculpture

1stSteam Locomotive by Bob Lee

2ndSpeed Boat by Bob Lee

3rd 2-Wheel Motorcycle by Bob Lee

Honorable Mention – Wheel Motorcycle by Bob Lee



























Class: Adult     Category: Color/ Monochrome

PHOTOGRAPHY DIVISION – OVERALL DIVISION WINNER: Winding Road To Christchurch by Brent Humphreys of West Plains, MO








Class: Adult     Category: Color/ Monochrome

1stTopaz Mill by Methven Swanson

2ndStrike by Randy Connell

3rdHe Said, She Said by Erica Humphreys

Honorable Mention – Morning Light by John Latecki

Honorable Mention – Bone Inspector by Erica Humphreys



















The show is available to view in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery on Saturdays only (12pm-4pm), from October 10th – 31st, 2020.

Congratulations to all the entrants, for a fantastic show, and to all the winners, for their exemplary work! 






L.L. Broadfoot: The Collection on Display at Harlin’s Grand Re-Opening

When the Harlin Museum reopens for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown for public safety shuttered our doors in March 2020, visitors will be delighted to find that our first gallery show will feature pieces from the well-known Ozarks-native artist whose name has become synonymous with capturing the unique people of the Shannon County hills—and beyond.  L.L. Broadfoot: The Collection will be on display September 12th through October 3rd, 2020,  in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery. New public hours through the end of the year will be Saturdays only, 12 pm – 4pm, and also by appointment. 

Call for Artist Submissions to Harlin Museum’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show Competition




The Harlin Museum of West Plains, MO is set to host its 45th Annual Fall Art Show this year and is calling for art submissions from all Southern Missouri and Northwest Arkansas regional artists. Entry dates for the show’s competition will be Friday, October 2nd, and Saturday, October 3rd from 12 pm-4 pm at the museum. The show’s entries will be on display in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery, October 10th – October 31st, 2020.

Due to the museum’s recent closure over the summer months, the categories for this year’s show have been expanded to include art forms whose regularly scheduled shows fell during the coronavirus lockdown of non-essential businesses. The categories this year will include Fine Arts (2D & 3D entries) for Novice, Advanced or Youth, Digital Arts (Still or Animated) for Adult or Youth, and Photography (Color or Monochrome) for Adult or Youth.  The show’s final categories and prize amounts will be determined by the entries received and there will be a Best of Show awarded for each of the three main categories. All entries will be evaluated for artistic quality, integrity, technique, and presentation. Entries must meet given guidelines for acceptance into the competition portion of the show.

Those who are interested in entering the competition can find entry guidelines for the three main categories attached to this email, as well as on the museum’s website at  Any questions regarding eligibility or other inquiries can be emailed to the museum at or you may contact the museum directly at (417) 256-7801.

We ask that all available artists please join us in continuing this artistic autumn tradition.e look forward to seeing what you have been working on!

COVID 19 Quarantine Delays Harlin’s Spring Art Show

Due to the current guidelines in effect for public safety during the coronavirus/COVID 19 quarantine, we are temporarily postponing the Harlin Museum’s 2020 Spring Art Show until we are safely able to open to the public. As soon as safety protocol allows for public gatherings, we will return to our calendar of shows & exhibits as planned. This means that we will NOT be accepting entries for the SPring ARt Show today.

Please watch our website and social media pages for further announcements regarding rescheduled entry dates and show dates—and also be sure to sign up for our informational emails regarding future museum events!  To sign up, simply send an email to with the subject line “Add Me” to receive future notifications about museum events, exhibits, and workshops.

We ask that everyone stay safe and please look after one another during this difficult time for our community–and continue to allow art to inspire you.  We look forward to seeing what you’ve been working on while you’ve been at home!

Upcoming Entry Dates for Annual High School Art Show Competition & Young Artist Showcase

The Harlin Museum Board of Directors announces the upcoming entry dates for their 2020 High School Art Show Competition as being this Friday, February 7th (12 pm – 6 pm) and Saturday, February 8th (12 pm – 4 pm). In addition to these regular entry dates, the board will be allowing late entries on Sunday, February 9th (12 pm – 4 pm) for an additional entry fee of $5.00 per entry piece.

The competition, which is open to all public, private, and home-schooled high school students of the Southern Missouri & Northern Arkansas Ozarks region, limits 2 pieces of artwork per artist with an entry fee of $5.00 per entry. Prizes for Best of Show and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places, plus Honorable Mentions, will be awarded in each category, along with prize money amounts; categories will be determined by the types of entries received. An Artists’ Reception will be held on February 29 from 5 pm-7 pm with food, drinks, and music during which awards will be handed out. All friends, family, and the public at large are invited to attend.

Artists can find guidelines for the competition at HERE or at the museum. All entries will need to be brought to the museum on one of the entry dates and artists will need to fill out an entry form in order to be eligible for prizes.

In conjunction with the High School Show, the museum board will also be hosting the Young Artist Showcase for artists younger than high school age. Parents/teachers/guardians may bring their young artist’s work to the museum for the display on any of the High School Show entry dates. There are no content/size guidelines or framing requirements for the showcase; these pieces will not be part of the competition portion of the show and will not be awarded prizes, however, certain pieces may be chosen for the honor of becoming fundraising postcards for the museum’s gift shop (with permission of the artist/artist’s guardian).

The Harlin’s Annual High School Art Show Competition & Young Artist Showcase will be on display in the Hathcock Gallery from February 13 – March 1st.

For more information, please contact the Museum Desk at (417) 256-7801 or follow the link above to the competition guideline page for Points of Contact info (at the bottom of the guideline page).

2020 Quilting & Textile Art Competition Show on display until February 9th

The 2020 Quilting and Textile Arts Competition Show is now underway at the Harlin Museum. The exhibit, which is open to the public with free admission, is a gallery show featuring both the competition quilts and textile art pieces entered by contestants from all around the Ozarks. The display also includes historic textile pieces from the museum’s permanent collection and a few new pieces on loan from private quilt & textile collectors of the area.

Textiles have long been an important part of history in the Ozarks, from raising animals for their fiber to carding, spinning, and weaving those fibers into beautiful pieces of wearable art, household bedding, and other miscellaneous textile items. Each piece tells a story of the heritage, history, accomplishment, and relationships of the maker while also serving many useful and practical purposes.

Historic textile pieces exhibited in this year’s show include a friendship quilt made by the employees of the International Shoe Company that was gifted to a co-worker on the occasion of her retirement, two quilts made by groups that met at Grimmett School on the old Siloam Springs route near Pomona, MO., as well as several quilts completed by various local church groups over the years and donated to the museum’s permanent collection, and even one quilt that made it all the way home from the front lines of the Civil War.

The competition portion of the Harlin’s annual show was expanded this year from the existing adult division to include a youth division for textile artists age 17 and younger. This decision was prompted both by a recent change in leadership at the museum and by the donation of a memorial award to the museum by the Mark Warren Family of Pomona, Missouri.  The Carrie A. Warren-Gentry Talent in Textile Arts Memorial Award recognizes excellence in youth who show talent in the textile arts, a life-long passion of the award’s namesake who passed away in 2010. This award, which includes a one-hundred-dollar prize to the top winner of the youth division, is now a permanent addition to the museum’s textile show.

Out of the 14 entrants to the competition this year, there were 12 entries to the Adult Division and 12 entries to the youth division. The award for Best of Show went to Alma Pruett of Cabool, MO for her Blue Stack & Wack quilt entry. In the Adult Division, Quilting Category, 1st place went to Dee Graham of Pomona, MO for her purple Heart entry; 2nd place to Kaye Huff of West Plains, MO for her entry named Tranquility; 3rd place also went to Alma Pruett for her quilt, Light & Dark Christmas; and a Special Merit Award was given to Gena Stout of West Plains, MO for her entry, Shibori Indigo Quilt, whose quilt squares were embellished using the Shibori method, a unique Japanese dyeing technique. In the Textile Arts Category, 1st place went to Gena Stout of West Plains, MO for her knitted garment, Transformational Wrap; 2nd place went to Geraldine Richardson of Houston, MO for her embellished wall hanging, Butterfly Spring; 3rd place went to Gena Stout for her handwoven tunic, Purple Passion; and an Honorable Mention also went to Mrs. Stout for her handwoven rug entry, Sentimental Memories, a rug woven from men’s neckties that the artist collected from her grandfather, father, husband, and son. A second Honorable Mention was awarded to Angela Bullard of West Plains, MO for her felted wool landscape, Fuchsia Sky.

In the Youth Division, the top winner of the Warren-Gentry Memorial Award went to Alexis McGhee of West Plains, MO for her quilt entry, Cats; 1st place in the Quilting Category went to Olivia Wood of Willow Springs, MO for her quilt, Rosebud; and 2nd place went to Myles McGhee of West Plains, MO for his entry, The Farm Quilt. In the Youth Division, Textile Arts Category, 1st place was awarded to Jackson Hufstedler of West Plains, MO for his crocheted entry, Americana Infant Blanket; 2nd place went to Clark Martin of West Plains, MO for his entry, Patchwork Pillow; 3rd place went to Lily Dixon of West Plains, MO for her embroidered handmade garment, Flower Apron; an Honorable Mention went to Rylee Brown of West Plains, MO for her crocheted Hat #1 and a second Honorable Mention went to Gabby Voshell of West Plains, MO for her entry, Rag Skirt.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the competition at the artist’s reception during Gala Night at the Museum from 5 pm-7 pm on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Gala Night will feature food, drinks, live music by Sean McCormick, and a wool spinning demonstration by the Harlin’s featured Artist of the Month, Mary Palmer-Scott of Mary’s Little Lambs. All are encouraged to attend.

The Harlin Museum’s 2020 Quilting & Textile Arts Competition Show is on display in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery until Sunday, February 9th.

May 2019 Exhibit Announcement: Harlin’s Annual Photography Show Competition

We are pleased to announce that the exhibit in the Hathcock Gallery for the month of May 2019 will be our annual Photography Show Competition!  If you, or someone you know, is interested in photography and would like to enter, please read the guidelines below:


Harlin Museum’s 2019 Photography Show Competition

Exhibit Dates: May 2nd – 26th, 2019


Entry Dates

Friday, April 26th, 2019 from 12 pm – 6 pm & Saturday, April 27th, 2019 from 12 pm – 4 pm in the Hathcock Gallery of Harlin Museum

Entry Fee

1 photograph -$15.00, 2 photographs – $25.00, 3 photographs – $30.00, 4 photographs – $35.00
Photographers may enter a maximum of 4 photographs. Cash or check only; make checks payable to the Harlin Museum.

Entry Categories

  1. Black & White
  2. Color


  • Best of Show – $100.00
  • 1st place per category – $75.00
  • 2nd place per category – $50.00
  • 3rd place per category – $25.00



All photographs must be original works of the photographer entering. All works must not have been previously exhibited in the Harlin Museum’s Photography Show.  Photographs must be no smaller than 8” x 10” and no larger than 24” x 30” matted and framed under glass.  Photographs must be framed and ready with wire and eye-screws for hanging.  No Saw-tooth Hangers. Artists may offer their photographs for sale. Sales commissions are split between the artist & the museum 80/20.


Awards Reception

The Awards Reception will be held Saturday, May 25th, 2019, from 12 pm to 4 pm, starting with a meet & greet social for the photographers, their families, and their friends, followed by the awards ceremony at 3 pm, where the ribbons, prize money, and special awards will be presented by members of the Harlin Museum Board. Entries will be released after the awards presentation.  Entries may be picked up at the museum at any time the following week during regular business hours.



The 2019 Harlin Museum Photography Show Competiton is sponsored and hosted by the Harlin Museum Board.  Proceeds after expenses go towards the museum’s maintenance and the sponsorship of future shows and activities

Points of Contact
Gladys Morris, 417-255-0920,
Vicki Martin,


Winners from left to right: Amy Copen, Andrew Holden, Sarah Lyn Wilson, Leslie Myrick, & Eric Lee Rudolph

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

Franklin D. Roosevelt


If February’s High School Art Show at the Harlin Museum was any indication of the capability of today’s youth to take art to the next level, we would say that the future is definitely something worth looking forward to! Students from Southern Missouri area high schools entered the best of their recent work to the museum’s annual competition show, filling the gallery with professional-quality graphite sketches, white & black charcoal and scratch art masterpieces, colorfully diverse acrylics, and inventive three-dimensional pieces of both sculpture and yarn craft.

Students from West Plains High School, Cabool High School, Liberty High School, Thayer High School, and even a few who home-school, participated in the competition show, earning ribbons and monetary prizes for Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, and also several honorable mentions. For many of the students, this was their first competitive show and they drew their inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, sports, television & film media, fantasy, celebrity; and the human form. However, one source seemed to truly be at the heart of their inspiration, encouraging them to hone their artistic skills and supporting their decision to enter the competition — their art teachers. The teachers of these students played an integral part in the experience, with many going out of their way to assist the students by accompanying them to the museum to both enter their art and to receive their awards, by showing them the ropes of proper art presentation by providing frames and aiding them in attaching picture wire for proper gallery hanging, and by celebrating and sharing their successes via social media.

The Harlin Museum’s High School Art Show Best of Show winner is Andrew Holden, a senior at Liberty Senior High School in Mtn. View, Missouri
The Best of Show winner, graphite pencil drawing titled, “Yee Haw”

The Best of Show award went to a Liberty Senior High School senior, Andrew Holden, for his graphite pencil drawing titled, “Yee Haw,” a portrait of a rodeo barrel racer in action atop his horse. The caliber of Andrew’s skill is so fantastic that many thought the drawing was actually a black & white photograph. Other winners included:

1st Place winners:

“Moon Eyes” (Mixed Medium) by Madison Newton of West Plains Senior High School 

“Cosmic Garden” (Mixed Medium) by Leslie Myrick of West Plains Senior High School

“White Iverson” (White Charcoal) by Sarah Lyn Wilson of Liberty High School


2nd Place winners:

“Lost Time” (Scratch Art) by Sarah Lyn Wilson of Liberty High School

“Self-Titled” (Mixed Medium) by Skyla Caldwell of Thayer High School

“The Sixties” (Ink Markers) by Gauge Jacobs of West Plains Senior High School


3rd Place winners:

“A Native Outlook on Modern Life” (Acrylic Paint) by Adriana Tharp of Thayer High School

“Daddy’s Hat” (Graphite Pencil) by Rebecca Brinkerhoff of Heritage Home School

“Ruth Ann” (Acrylic Paint) by Home School student Cassie Jankowski

And Honorable Mention winners include:

“Body Language” (Colored Pencil) by Eric Lee Rudolph of Liberty Senior High School

“Gourd On” (Clay) by /Madison Donnaley of Cabool High School

“On the Streets of Scotland” (Acrylic Paint) by Home-Schooled student Cassie Jankowski

Lightning Strikes” (Acrylic Paint) by Emily Wood of Thayer High School

“Mind” (Colored Pencil) by Aspen Burton of Thayer High School

“Debbie” (Colored Pencil) by Emily Wood of Thayer High School

“Strong Love” (Charcoal) by Caitlyn Basham of Liberty Senior High School

“Fishy Face” (Graphite Pencil) by Amy Copen of Liberty Senior High School (which also won the People’s Choice Award)

Other entries from area students included:

“Arionna” (Graphite Pencil) by Ashley Neagle, “Letter A” (Tempera) by Jackie Mayo, “Self-Portrait” (Graphite Pencil) by Nicole Coats, “Reflections” (Watercolor) by Madison Newton, “Blake Lively” (Mixed Medium) by Hannah Collins, and “Dad” (Mixed Medium) by Kendra Collins, all of West Plains Senior High School. (pictured in listed order below)

“Kraken” (Yarn) by Madison Forseca of Cabool High School (pictured below)

“Three Stooges” (B&W Charcoal) by Amy Copen, “Emotionless” (Graphite Pencil) & “Forgetting to Forget” (Charcoal) both by Abigail Reese, “Stetson Rich” (Pen & Ink) & “Saturdays Are For Girls” (Charcoal) by Timberly Richison, “Jim” (Graphite Pencil) by Andrew Holden, “While We’re Still Here” (Watercolor) by Eric Lee Rudolph, “Like Father, Like Son” (White Charcoal) by Madison Smith, “Shattered” (Graphite Pencil) by Marcy Grendan, all of Liberty Senior High School (pictured in listed order below)

“Simplicity” (Pen & Ink) & “Trip” (Colored Pencil) by Shelby Coursey, “The Wanderer” (Pen & Ink) by Skyla Caldwell, “Majestic Bubbles” (Colored Pencil) & “Hiding Crocodile” (Colored Pencil) both by LaCrysta Adams, “Paris” (Pen & Ink) & “Scarberd” (Pen & Ink) both by Skylar Todd, “ Young & Beautiful (Colored Pencil) by Yana Hanchuruk, & “Queen” (Graphite Pencil) by Aspen Burton, all of Thayer High School (pictured in listed order below)


The Harlin Museum of West Plains, MO will have a textile competition show January 10th-26th, 2019. Entry is open to all textile artists 18 & older.







Entry Dates:  Friday and Saturday, January 4 & 5, 2019, 12 noon to 4 pm at the Harlin Museum in the Hathcock Gallery, 405 Worcester Ave, West Plains, MO 65775, (417) 256-7801.

Entry Fee: 1 entry – $20.00, 2 entries – $30.00, 3 entries – $35.00, 4 entries $40.00; Payable to the Harlin Museum. Artisans can only enter 4 items.

Entry Categories:  Artisans and crafters can enter a full range of different types of textile items to include but not limited to quilts and afghans; crocheted & hand knitted articles, embroidery, and handwoven items; and handmade textile apparel. Items may not be displayed by categories, but by museum design to best display/show the entries.


Prizes:  Ribbons and prizes will be awarded for overall best of show and 3 each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and 6 honorable mentions.  The prizes will consist of Best of Show – Gift Basket or Gift Certificate worth $50.00 and Gift Certificates for each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. There will not be any particular categories for the Prizes Awards given.  Prized will be awarded on artistic craftsmanship.


Guidelines:  All entries must be original works of the artists entering. All work must not have been previously shown in Harlin Museum past exhibits.  All entries that need special support to display item must have the support base accompanying the article.  Large quilts will be hung against the wall with butterfly clips. Smaller quilts and quilted wall hangings will be hung on panels.  Tables will be available to display smaller textile items and items that cannot be hung. Designer clothing must have the proper hangers to assist in displaying the items. All hangers and display supports will be returned to owners at the end of the show with their entries.


Reception:  The meet and greet social for the artisans will be held Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 12 noon to 3pm, the awards will be presented at  2 pm, by the Harlin Museum Board President.  All entries will be released at 3pm, and the museum closes at 4 pm.  Entries may be picked up at the museum the following week Tuesday through Friday, from 12 noon to 4 pm.


Entries Posted for Sale:  The Harlin Museum will take 20% commission on the posted price of any sales during the show at the museum.


Points of Contact:  Cindy McLean, 417-274-6184,