Winners of Harlin Museum’s 2022 Spring Art Show Competition Are Announced


The Harlin Museum would like to announce the winners of their Annual Spring Art Show Competition for 2022, which is currently on display in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery through Sunday, May 1st. The generous sponsors for this year’s competition awards include West Plains Savings & Loan and West Plains Bank & Trust, two of the museum’s most ardent local supporters, who donated a collective $400 to reward the show’s winners and support the arts in the Ozarks.


The show includes twenty combined competition entries of oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, graphite drawings, and mixed media pieces—some presenting a more realistic representation of their subjects with others displaying fantastic abstract and fantasy themes that excite the mind. It is the portrait of the lady, in a style very realistic and portrayed in great detail, that has earned Best of Show. The entry, an oil paint-rendition of a lovely silver-haired elderly woman in a complimentary silver frame, is titled “Mo-Mo” and was painted by the talented artist, Bonnie Heenan, of Gassville, Arkansas.


The show’s entries were divided into the three categories of drawings, paintings, and mixed media, earning a total of fourteen awards for area artists.


In the drawings category, first place has gone to, Last Turkey Season, another realistically-drawn portrait—this one of a seemingly-pensive man in a curve-billed cap with his hand resting at his chin as if he were in a thoughtful repose—done in graphite by Bonnie Heenan of Gassville, AR. The second and third place drawing category ribbons were both taken by Ron McGarry of Willow Springs, MO for his entry Galway Girl, a black & white graphite portrait of a woman standing in an ivy-covered stone archway, and for his entry The Pinnacle, a graphite landscape of a curving cove with a water-lapped shore of boulders and forest undergrowth in tones of black, white, and grey.


The paintings category consisted of twelve pieces in oil, acrylic, and watercolor mediums. The first place in this category has been awarded to the already-two-time winner Bonnie Heenan of Gassville, AR for her entry Champion Of Time—an oil painting of the metallic mechanical inner-workings of an almost futuristic-looking timepiece. Second place has gone to the dream-like watercolor of two fish swimming amidst a swirling, blue-tinged current set against a stone-filled riverbed in Swimming Upriver by Marie Ann Robinson of Willow Springs, MO. And third place is another claimed by Bonnie Heenan of Gassville, AR for Car Show Stopper, an oil painting featuring a classic roadster in shades of crimson and cadmium yellow. Honorable Mentions in the painting category have gone to Dusk Approaching, an acrylic entry of moody florals by Angela Bullard of West Plains, MO, and to the mostly blue, squiggly-lined abstract by T. Fenske of West Plains, MO titled Came Back Home.


In the category of Mixed Media, first place has been awarded to the talented Ann Kulpa of Cabool, MO for her high-contrast abstract collage entry, House By The Duck Pond. The second-place mixed media award also goes to Ann Kulpa of Cabool, MO for her other vividly colored abstract entry, High Steppin’ Joe. The third-place ribbon for mixed media is awarded to Akasha Davis of West Plains, MO for her fantasy-themed entry, Cherry Blossom Dragon, a piece depicting the crest of a fine blue waterfall flowing through a soft pink cherry blossom forest with a silver metallic dragon flying overhead. The Honorable Mention winner of this category is the red-hued abstract entry, Under, by T. Fenske of West Plains, MO.


Finally, a special Young Artist Appreciation certificate is being awarded to young Vale Fenske for his entry, Handiwork, a modern-feeling piece featuring a black hammer on a yellow background matted in white and framed in a simple black frame with crisp corners, for being the only youth entry to this year’s competition.


The winner of the final award of the show, the People’s Choice Award, will be decided by the public through voting at the museum gallery and through online voting on Facebook, which begins on Friday, April 22nd on the Harlin Museum’s FB page (@HarlinMuseumWP). Voting ends at 2 pm on Sunday, May 1st and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Winners of Harlin Museum’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show Announced

With three separate divisions and multiple class and category distinctions, the Harlin’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show has been a generous opportunity for Ozarks artists to put their best talents on display..

Due to the museum’s precautionary coronavirus closure from March to September this year, the museum was forced to cancel its annual digital art show and was also unable to host its annual photography show during the closure. That’s why this year’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show was really a mega-show with 3 divisions (Fine Art (2D & 3D), Photography, and Digital Art), 2-3 classes per division (Novice/Advanced, Youth/Adult), and multiple categories—with the most being in the Fine Art 2D Division at five categories defined by medium: Oil Paint, Acrylic, Graphics, Watercolor, and Mixed Medium.

Offering up some of the most creative pieces our gallery has ever seen, the artists who participated in this year’s competition were varied in their exemplary talent. Out of the 79 total entries received from 17 artists in Southern Missouri (West Plains, Mountain View, Dora, Licking, Cabool, & Mountain Grove) and 2 from Northern Arkansas (Cherokee Village & Elizabeth), 17 of the competing artists won an award for their work— rounding out the number of distinctions awarded to a total of 42 prizes in all.


The winning entries of our 45th Annual Fall Art Show are:

Fine Art Division

















Class: Novice     Medium: Oil

1stMrs. Mouse with Purple Berries by Juanita Walker

2nd – Rusty Chevy Truck by Juanita Walker

3rd Pots by Juanita Walker

HM – Abandoned by Juanita Walker







Class: Novice     Medium: Graphics

1stBirds by John Cash

2ndAt Home In A Tree by John Cash

3rdRare Day In October by John Cash












Class: Novice     Medium: Mixed Medium

1stUnidentified Flying Colors by Trent Young

 2ndPicasso Inspired by Trent Young

3rdChristmas Presence by Trent Young









Class: Advanced     Medium: Oil

1stSunday At Simms by Lee Copen

2ndWildflower Hill by Lee Copen

3rd Bunny by Joyce Stewart

HM – Rocky Slope by Lee Copen








Class: Advanced     Medium: Acrylic

1stForce Of Nature by Lanie Frick

2ndLion In Bed All Day by Raymond Popp

3rd She Speaks by Lanie Frick

HM – From Here Begun by Raymond Popp







Class: Advanced     Medium: Watercolor 

1stBlue Jay by Jennifer Beach

2ndOld Mill by Carrie McIntosh

3rdDream Roses by Carrie McIntosh

Honorable Mention – Water Lily by Carrie McIntosh









Class: Advanced     Medium: Graphics

1stButterfly Stampede by Raymond Popp

2ndRBG by Jennifer Beach

3rdTeagan by Jennifer Beach

Honorable Mention – Squirrel by Sheila Donley

Honorable Mention – Horse by Sheila Donley



























Class: Advanced     Category: Mixed Medium

1st – Song Of India by Erica Humphreys

2nd – Scotty by Randy Connell

3rd – Dead Fall Leaves by Trent Young










Class: Advanced     Category: Sculpture

1stSteam Locomotive by Bob Lee

2ndSpeed Boat by Bob Lee

3rd 2-Wheel Motorcycle by Bob Lee

Honorable Mention – Wheel Motorcycle by Bob Lee



























Class: Adult     Category: Color/ Monochrome

PHOTOGRAPHY DIVISION – OVERALL DIVISION WINNER: Winding Road To Christchurch by Brent Humphreys of West Plains, MO








Class: Adult     Category: Color/ Monochrome

1stTopaz Mill by Methven Swanson

2ndStrike by Randy Connell

3rdHe Said, She Said by Erica Humphreys

Honorable Mention – Morning Light by John Latecki

Honorable Mention – Bone Inspector by Erica Humphreys



















The show is available to view in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery on Saturdays only (12pm-4pm), from October 10th – 31st, 2020.

Congratulations to all the entrants, for a fantastic show, and to all the winners, for their exemplary work! 






Call for Artist Submissions to Harlin Museum’s 45th Annual Fall Art Show Competition




The Harlin Museum of West Plains, MO is set to host its 45th Annual Fall Art Show this year and is calling for art submissions from all Southern Missouri and Northwest Arkansas regional artists. Entry dates for the show’s competition will be Friday, October 2nd, and Saturday, October 3rd from 12 pm-4 pm at the museum. The show’s entries will be on display in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery, October 10th – October 31st, 2020.

Due to the museum’s recent closure over the summer months, the categories for this year’s show have been expanded to include art forms whose regularly scheduled shows fell during the coronavirus lockdown of non-essential businesses. The categories this year will include Fine Arts (2D & 3D entries) for Novice, Advanced or Youth, Digital Arts (Still or Animated) for Adult or Youth, and Photography (Color or Monochrome) for Adult or Youth.  The show’s final categories and prize amounts will be determined by the entries received and there will be a Best of Show awarded for each of the three main categories. All entries will be evaluated for artistic quality, integrity, technique, and presentation. Entries must meet given guidelines for acceptance into the competition portion of the show.

Those who are interested in entering the competition can find entry guidelines for the three main categories attached to this email, as well as on the museum’s website at  Any questions regarding eligibility or other inquiries can be emailed to the museum at or you may contact the museum directly at (417) 256-7801.

We ask that all available artists please join us in continuing this artistic autumn tradition.e look forward to seeing what you have been working on!