The Harlin To Host An Invitational Art Show To Celebrate Solar Eclipse Totality in West Plains…

2024 Eclipse Invitational Art Show: An Artistic View Of The Light And The Dark, March 29th – April 28th

Join us as we celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event!  As people from all over the country flock to our tiny Midwestern town to experience the awe of the April 2024 solar eclipse in totality, our gallery honors the rare event by inviting a select group of our most talented regional artists to share with us their artistic perspective on The Light And The Dark.

Enjoy the artists’ interpretive multimedia examples of this most fundamental building block of art; paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures…..a diverse and in-depth display featuring pieces by:

Kelli Albin, West Plains, MO

Bob Anderson, West Plains, MO

Marc Brannan, West Plains, MO

Angela Bullard, West Plains, MO

Jim Davis, West Plains, MO

Ann Kulpa, Cabool, MO

Donna K. Lay, West Plains, MO

Michael McClure, Willow Springs, MO

Cindy Temple, West Plains, MO

Mark Quentin Wallace, West Plains, MO

This show will be on display in the Hathcock Gallery of Harlin Museum; there is no admission fee to see this show. The museum is open Thursday through Sunday, 12 pm – 4 pm each day.




Congratulations To The Winners Of Our 2024 Textile & Fiber Arts Show!

We are happy to announce that winners have been chosen for this year’s annual textile and fiber arts show!

The ribbon for Best Of Show has been awarded to Gena Stout of West Plains, MO for her woven entry, “Suitable Memories Rug.” The artist had this to say about the piece:

This woven rug is meant to be an heirloom piece. I was able to save some of my Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, and step-Mom;s suits from years past. I then had to cut them apart and strip them into one-inch strips before weaving. My grandpa’s suits were the black wool, gray puinstripe, and blue pinstripe. I even found a gold child’s locket in one of the suit jacket pockets!…would love to know the story behind that. My grandma’s items were a navy crepe dress, a black wool skirt, a heather gray wool skirt, and a royal blue wool skirt. I fondly remember her wearing some of these things. My dad’s items were from the 1970s: a tan polyester suit, a brown polyester suit,a black suit, and dark gray corduroy pants. I remember his super wide neckties. My mom’s items were a brown wool plaid skirt, a brown wool skirt, a black herringbone wool suit, and a blue herringbone suit that had a twenty-two-inch waist. She was very petite. My step-mom’s item was a navy poplin suit. I made a total of eight rugs from these items during COVID—one for each of my siblings, their children, and my parents.


In the textile arts category, First Place was awarded to Connie Workman of West Plains, MO for her entry, “Hydrangea Quilt”, a handsome and colorful smaller-size quilt featuring the purple flower from the quilt’s title with patterned green leaves and purple-toned border.

Second Place went to another quilt entry from Connie Workman, this one titled, “Purr-sistence, A Grids Girl Mystery” and featuring a brown color scheme of patterned quilt stars.

And, Third Place went to a pre-made baby quilt with a stamped pattern under framed glass, “Embroidery Quilt” finished by Darlene Stanley of West Plains, MO.


In the fiber arts category, First Place was awarded to Mary Norseworthy of Peace Valley, MO for her entry “Standing Deer,” a magnificent crochet-cross stitch blanket with the image of a well-antlered buck.

Second Place went to the stunning marigold-colored entry “Handspun Alpaca & Merino Wool Shawl” by Sarah Redmond of Summersville, MO.

And, finally, in Third Place in the fiber arts category, Mary Norseworthy took home another ribbon for her tapestry crochet entry, “Faces Bag” with its minimalist-style cream and rust-colored overlapping faces.



Included with the competition entries, there was also a signature quilt made by the employees of the International Shoe Company in West Plains, MO; another signature quilt by the Order of the Eastern Star (which was purchased at an estate auction, so, it’s origin is a bit of a mystery!!! Anyone with info on it is encouraged to contact the museum); a beautifully-colored hexagon quilt; and a blue & white quilt that is being raffled off by the museum as a fundraiser—contact any board member or stop in at the museum to purchase your raffle tickets! The drawing for the quilt will be during the Ozarks Symposium event in September 2024.

Congratulations to all the entrants and kudos to the winners–there were SO many examples of great textile and fiber artistry in this year’s show!

Help Us Identify The Names On This International Shoe Co. Signature Quilt From West Plains, MO!

We need your help!!

Our museum was lucky enough to receive a most interesting artifact donation in 2019……..

We received a signature quilt made for an employee of West Plains’ International Shoe Company on the occasion of her retirement in 1985.  It is currently on display as a part of our annual Fiber & Textile Arts Show, and…..we need assistance identifying some of the names on the quilt.

As typical with Signature Quilts, the involved parties signed their names on blocks of this quilt—mostly in script/cursive lettering—and after the names were stitched over to complete the blocks, some of the names became hard to read. So, we are asking those of you in the community who might recognize the name of a relative or someone they know who was formerly employed with ISC at the West Plains factory to take a look and see if they can make out some of these signatures—-and please, share this post with those you know!

Here are the names we are looking to clarify:

Almeda ____________ ?  (Possibly Farrell OR Forrell OR Farnell OR Fomell)


__________________ Harris


Reta ___________  (Possibly Cross OR Crass OR ?)


Helen _____________?  (Possibly Comer OR Gomer)


Donna _______________? (Possibly Fore OR Tore OR Fare)


______________ Lee Jolliff (Possibly Noma OR Nana OR?)


This one has proved ESPECIALLY difficult. We need help with both the first and the last name!

Clara? S_________ ?

We appreciate all suggestions so, please, share with anyone who might have knowledge of employees that worked at the International Shoe Co. in West Plains, MO., around 1985.  You can contact us via our FB Page or email us at [email protected]. Thank you in advance!



HILLFOLK: The Adventure Begins……

written by Kayla Cawvey

I’ve spent the better part of December trying to find the place to start my journey.

Perhaps I should have begun where my roots were planted, the parcel I was born on, or even the town that grew me–in that schoolyard or those nearby forests–or even the location from whence I last lived. Those would have all been appropriate beginnings….places to launch my exploration of this landscape. And I have. From each of those, I explored, searched, and had grown and learned.

Yet they just didn’t seem right.



Overlooking the White River today, I finally found my spot.

The place to begin this later-half-of-life journey to all the places my roots have sought. The ground my ancestors plowed and trekked and fought so hard to tame. And, maybe that’s why this location. This river…..that flowed so free and fearlessly…that laid before me tamed to the degree a river can be tamed. It’s a testament to the Ozark people. To their unwavering determination to make this rugged landscape a livable land.

Perhaps it’s because my roots run so deep amongst its banks..? Intertwined with the arrowheads that litter the bluffs and buried beneath the shores of the lakes that swallowed the land. Woven with the fricassées, chicken bouillon, and cuisses de grenouilles (otherwise known as frog legs) that filled our bowls and graced our tables as leftover remnants of the French trappers who canvased the Ozarks a full century before any man put to pencil the stories of this place….were tales knitted together by remnants of Appalachian folklore from those first hardy pioneers who settled amongst these river banks and mountains. Roots deep in this Ozark soil are fed by the rivers that carve through the mountainsides.

Gazing over the White River from high above the Bull Shoals* dam, watching the sunset, seems the perfect place for new beginnings. A wide world spanning out in front of me. History before me in the untouched lands, waters, and trees. History behind me in the dam built during my grandparents’ lifetime—changing the Ozarks from a secluded wilderness into a tourist destination. A river wild and free held back time and again by a series of dams and locks stretching its course till finally it’s once again free to charge into the Mississippi and empty into the sea.




Waters that hold in its depths towns and paddleboats and secrets and springs and caves and life. A river that formed in the Ozark hills and the lakes that devoured them….constantly changing, constantly starting anew from its source in the Boston Mountains and gathering strength with each tributary and spring.

Today is a good day for new beginnings. As with every day, but, especially today–the first day of the year. And, as I watch the scene unfold, the colors envelop the White River basin before me and I see both the journey ahead (and all the new things that will bring) and my roots (and all the memories held within them that I hope to rediscover).


May our journey to find our roots inspire your journey to fall in love with these beautiful Ozarks. The adventure of discovery begins here…

Ms. Cawvey is embarking on a journey, beginning in 2024, to travel around the United States with her children where they will explore the world they live in, discover the rich histories of the places and people they encounter, and share their journey with those who, like them, believe that life should be an adventure.


* Bull Shoals State Park is a beautiful location with hundreds of acres of forest and shoreline to explore. There are campgrounds, parks and playgrounds, picnic areas, and a state-of-the-art visitor center with a small store. The grounds are both above and below the dam giving stunning views from every angle and plenty of opportunity to explore. Nearby are the small towns of Bull Shoals and Lakeview and, just a little further, the town of Flippin. The towns boast quaint cottages and old roadside motels, tiny cafes, and cute boutiques—all in between stretches of picturesque roadside attractions and abundant natural scenery.


A Knot Of Blue & Gray: Conflict And Loyalty During The Civil War In Ozark County, Missouri


Embark on a journey with a story that goes back in time to transport you to the heart of the Missouri Ozarks during the Civil War. Hear of the storyteller’s Hawkins ancestors, whose lives were forever changed in a tale of conflict and loyalty.

Every man in this tale, including Washington Hawkins and his cousins, B. F. and Calvin Hawkins, and William Monks grew up together near the North Fork of the White River in Ozark County, MO,  forging bonds that would be tested in the chaos and tragedy of war.

At the outbreak of the war, all the men had to make decisions that would impact their lives for generations to come. William Monks, now a Union Captain, becomes the master of the Hawkin’s family’s fate when his boyhood friendship with the nephews turns to hatred. While Monks and Washington (Wash) enlist and wear the Union blue, his cousins join a group of Confederate guerillas who terrorize Ozark and Howell Counties. Monks’ obsession with B. F. and Calvin Hawkins intensifies when he is given the assignment to eradicate all Confederate “traitors” in the area. Lines between loyalty, kinship, and duty blur when Wash encounters his cousins deep in the woods and hills of Ozark County.

This story of survival and sacrifice unfolds against the backdrop of a nation divided. It is a life-and-death tale of friendships forged and broken, family bonds sorely tested, and definitive actions with harsh consequences that would impact a family forever.

Join us at 2 pm on Saturday, January 27th, at Harlin Museum (405 Worcester, West Plains, MO 65775) to hear Danette House spin the tale of her family’s history–a legacy forged during our country’s greatest divide, deep in the hills of this Ozarks wilderness.

Open Entry Call For Annual Textile And Fiber Show Begins The Season At The Harlin

As we enter the New Year, we’re already preparing for another great season of art shows, history lectures, and educational workshops.

To kick things off in 2024, we are announcing an open call to all artists for submissions to our Annual Textile & Fiber Arts Competition Show!

Entry Dates will be Friday, January 12th and Saturday, January 13th, 12 pm – 4 pm each day.

Examples of different types of Fiber Art and Textile Art:

Quilting (No size limit)

Crochet / Knitting (afghans, garments, toys, etc.)

Stitching, Embroidery, Needlepoint, Petit Pointe

Weaving (rugs, textiles, tapestry, etc.)



Lacemaking, Tatting

Sewing, Applique (including handmade garments, beaded items, etc.)

And there are many, many more kinds of textile and fiber arts…… so, don’t be afraid to enter just because it’s not listed in the above examples!

This is an open-theme non-juried art show with both youth and adult divisions. Entries must in some way consist of either fibers or textiles and must meet the given guidelines for acceptance into the competition. Guidelines for this competition can be found HERE.

Entries are guaranteed a place in the show’s exhibit. Each entry will be judged using a point-based evaluation system that evaluates three areas of skill (Construction 50 pts., General Appearance – 25 pts., Artistic Design – 25 pts.) for a total score. Prizes will be awarded to the entries receiving the highest scores in succession in each category, including Best Of Show. The People’s Choice award will be chosen by public vote. 

Guidelines: Limit five entries per artist. 2D and 3D entries; all styles, subject matter, and mediums allowed. All pieces must be original works of the artist entering. All work must not have been previously shown in a Harlin Museum Art Competition.  Any entry requiring special equipment for display must be accompanied by necessary display equipment.

To submit something to this show, please bring your entry to the museum on one of our two planned entry dates (Friday, January 12th, or Saturday, January 13th, 12 pm – 4 pm both days), where you will complete an entry form and pay your entry fees. You can complete your entry form ahead of time by filling it out online HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Entry forms can be picked up at the museum or completed online by clicking HERE.

Announcement of Harlin’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show Winners

We are pleased to finally announce the place-winning entries in our 48th Annual Fall Art Show!

Out of a total of 56 entries–hailing from artists located all over the Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas parts of the Ozarks–our three judges awarded a combined total of 19 honors in the Adult Divisions of Novice and Advanced, as well as the top honor of Best of Show and each individual judge’s Favorite Pick.

And the winners are……






Best Of Show

“Around The Bend” a pastel drawing by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR


Adult-Novice Division

Because this division had the smallest number and least diverse amount of entries, the judges chose only first, second, and third place division winners from the eight total entries.

  1. 1st Place: “Sunshine Plays” mixed media by Cindy Asberry of West Plains, MO
  2. 2nd Place: “Sunglass Reflections” oil painting by Margret Lohr of Hardy, AR
  3. 3rd Place: “Angel Fish” mixed media by Margret Lohr of Hardy, AR

Adult-Novice Division Entries


Adult-Advanced Division

This division had the most entries in the competition, with a total of 34 paintings, 8 drawings, and 6 mixed media/other miscellaneous art entries, making the winning selections in this division especially difficult to choose due to the wide range of superb talent and technique.

Paintings Category:

  1. 1st Place: “Street Performer” Watercolor by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR
  2. 2nd Place: “Spring Time” Acrylic Fluid Art by Deborah Lively of Mountain Home, AR
  3. 3rd Place: “Still Life: Tea Kettle And Pears” oil painting by Rhonda Richter of West Plains, MO
  4. Honorable Mentions: “Colors Of Fall” watercolor painting by Deborah Lively of Mountain Home, AR; “Onlooker” acrylic painting by August Earls of Thayer, MO; and “New Life Ahead” oil painting by Bonnie Heenan of Gassville, AR

Drawings Category:

  1. 1st Place: “Takin’ A Coffee Break” pastel drawing by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR
  2. 2nd Place: “Summer Lights” pen & ink drawing by August Earls of Thayer, MO
  3. 3rd Place: “Country Roads” pastel drawing by Mark Wallen of Raymondville, MO

Miscellaneous Art Category:

  1. 1st Place: “Frankenstein’s Castle” mixed media by Donna K. Lay of West Plains, MO
  2. 2nd Place: “Covid Weary” mixed media by Donna K. Lay of West Plains, MO
  3. 3rd Place: “Home” screen printing by August Earls of Thayer, MO

Adult-Advanced Division Entries

Judge’s Favorite Picks:

Competition Judge Craig Grassle’s Selection: “Frankenstein’s Castle” by Donna K. Lay of West Plains, MO

Mixed Media “Frankenstein’s Castle Ruins” by Donna K. Lay


Competition Judge Lee Copen’s Selection: “Around The Bend” by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR

Pastel Drawing “Around The Bend” by Beth Ivens


Competition Judge Vicki Warren-Martin’s Selection: “Street Cellist” by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR

Watercolor Painting “Street Cellist” by Beth Ivens


We want to thank all the artists who entered the competition for sharing their fabulous talents with us, the competition judges who donated their time and expertise to our cause, and our show sponsors:

The Law Office of Jacob Y. Garrett of West Plains, MO, and 1st Class Pest & Termite, LLC. of Alton, MO

* There will be an Artists’ Reception in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery from 4 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, November 18th where the public is invited to take in the show and cast their vote for the People’s Choice Award (which will be announced at the end of the reception) while also meeting the artists who participated in the show and enjoying a variety of light refreshments. This gallery show ends on Sunday, November 19, 2023. *

Artist Selection Announcement for 48th Annual Fall Art Show

We are happy to announce that the following entries have been selected for competition in Harlin Museum’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show:

“Colors Of Fall” by Deborah Lively

“Glencoe, Scotland” by Deborah Lively

“Springtime” by Deborah Lively

“Angel Fish” by Margret Lohr

“Blue Jay” by Margret Lohr

“Christmas Candle” by Marget Lohr

“Sunglass Reflections” by Margret Lohr

“Winter Stag” by Margret Lohr

“Country Roads” by Mark Wallen

“Country Roads Tornado Shelter” by Mark Wallen

“Maine Farm” by Mark Wallen

“Meramec Caverns” by Mark Wallen

“The Old Plow In Snow” by Mark Wallen

“New Life Ahead” by Bonnie Heenan

“Gaea in Flames” by Donna K. Lay

“Frankenstein’s Castle Ruins” by Donna K. Lay

“Autumn Mizz” by Donna K. Lay

“Fall Foliage”  by Donna K. Lay

“Different Angles, Different Views” by Sean McCormick

“Onlooker” by August Earls

“Sovereignty” by August Earls

“Summer Lights” by August Earls

“Christmas Joy” by August Earls

“Home” by August Earls

“Arkansas Woods” by Jeanne Roth

“Entangled” by Jeanne Roth

“Profusion” by Jeanne Roth

“Takin’ A Coffee Break” by Beth Ivens

“Around The Bend” by Beth Ivens

“Street Cellist” by Beth Ivens

“Beale Street Vibe” by Beth Ivens

“Street Performer” by Beth Ivens

“Two Brothers” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“May On The River” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Sunset Flowers” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Joplin Falls” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Sunset Rainstorm” by Cindy Asberry

“Sunshine Plays” by Cindy Asberry

“Rose And Fruit” by Carrie McIntosh

“Hydrangeas, Apples, And Pitcher” by Carrie McIntosh

“Duck” by Carrie McIntosh

“Old Barn” by Carrie McIntosh

“Flowering Vine And Old Home” by Carrie McIntosh

“Cat Got Your Tongue” by Lauren Acevedo

“Neva’s House” by Rhonda Richter

“Still Life: Teakettle And Pears” by Rhonda Richter

“Winter’s Warmth” by Rhonda Richter

“Ready To Run” by Jan Dennis

“Peace Lilies” by Jan Dennis

“Weeping Willow” by Jan Dennis

“Misty Mountain Meadows” by Jan Dennis

“Purple Iris” by Vicki Westerfield

“Silly Tiger” by Vicki Westerfield

“Belle’s Pansies” by Vicki Westerfield

“Elk In Autumn” by Vicki Westerfield

“Jemez Winter” by Vicki Westerfield

Congratulations Artists! 

The 48th Annual Harlin Museum Fall Art Show will open, on Friday, October 20th, and will be displayed in the Hathcock Gallery through November 19th.

*Edited to add selected entries by Donna K. Lay, Margret Lohr, Mark Wallen, Deborah Lively and Bonnie Heenan

Call For Artist Entries! Submission Deadline For Harlin’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show Is Fast Approaching…..

Open call to artists for entry into Harlin Museum’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show Competition!

This show is an open-theme juried show with a youth division, adult novice, and adult advanced divisions. Entries must meet competition guidelines during the juried portion of the entry process for acceptance into the competition. The jurors will select the work for the exhibition based on quality of work and technical skill.

The selected entries are guaranteed a place in the show; each selected piece will be judged using a point-based evaluation system that evaluates four areas (each worth 25 points, for a total possible score of 100 points): design composition, technique/skill of construction, presentation, and creativity/originality. Prizes will be awarded to the entries receiving the highest scores in succession in each category, including Best Of Show. The People’s Choice award will be chosen by public vote.

Guidelines: Limit five entries per artist. 2D and 3D entries; all styles, subject matter, and mediums allowed. All pieces must be original works of the artist entering.  No Copies or Kits.  All work must not have been previously shown in a Harlin Museum Art Competition.  All 2D entries must be either framed, gallery-wrapped canvas, or otherwise secured with wire or eye screws for hanging.  No saw-tooth hangers.  All sculptures or other 3D art must be free-standing or be accompanied by any necessary display equipment.

To submit your entries for jury consideration, email good-quality images of each of your entries (along with the completed entry form) to [email protected] by the jury submission deadline, which is Monday, October 9th, 11:45 pm.

Entry forms can be picked up at the museum, completed online by clicking HERE, or printed off by following THIS link.

Treat Yourself To A Fun-Filled Time To Satisfy Any Art Hunger! Treat Your Palette To Host Monthly Painting Events At The Harlin

Treat Your Palette, a local painting party event planner, is now offering a monthly fun art experience at the Harlin Museum.

Instructed by WPHS art teacher, Karen Pitts, Treat Your Palette will host painting parties every third Saturday of the month where you are provided step-by-step instruction for an ongoing variety of art projects that you can then take home and enjoy—-with the ultimate goals being for you to have fun painting with your family & friends, for you to meet and interact with new friends from the community, to relax with the creation of art after a hard day, all while discovering your inner artist!

Join us this upcoming Saturday, August 19th from 10 am – 12 pm to paint this Rustic Chicken (as pictured above). All painting supplies are provided and no art experience is needed. The class is $25.00 per person. Just click on this link or visit www.treatyourpalette.com online to sign up.