Announcement of Harlin’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show Winners

We are pleased to finally announce the place-winning entries in our 48th Annual Fall Art Show!

Out of a total of 56 entries–hailing from artists located all over the Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas parts of the Ozarks–our three judges awarded a combined total of 19 honors in the Adult Divisions of Novice and Advanced, as well as the top honor of Best of Show and each individual judge’s Favorite Pick.

And the winners are……






Best Of Show

“Around The Bend” a pastel drawing by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR


Adult-Novice Division

Because this division had the smallest number and least diverse amount of entries, the judges chose only first, second, and third place division winners from the eight total entries.

  1. 1st Place: “Sunshine Plays” mixed media by Cindy Asberry of West Plains, MO
  2. 2nd Place: “Sunglass Reflections” oil painting by Margret Lohr of Hardy, AR
  3. 3rd Place: “Angel Fish” mixed media by Margret Lohr of Hardy, AR

Adult-Novice Division Entries


Adult-Advanced Division

This division had the most entries in the competition, with a total of 34 paintings, 8 drawings, and 6 mixed media/other miscellaneous art entries, making the winning selections in this division especially difficult to choose due to the wide range of superb talent and technique.

Paintings Category:

  1. 1st Place: “Street Performer” Watercolor by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR
  2. 2nd Place: “Spring Time” Acrylic Fluid Art by Deborah Lively of Mountain Home, AR
  3. 3rd Place: “Still Life: Tea Kettle And Pears” oil painting by Rhonda Richter of West Plains, MO
  4. Honorable Mentions: “Colors Of Fall” watercolor painting by Deborah Lively of Mountain Home, AR; “Onlooker” acrylic painting by August Earls of Thayer, MO; and “New Life Ahead” oil painting by Bonnie Heenan of Gassville, AR

Drawings Category:

  1. 1st Place: “Takin’ A Coffee Break” pastel drawing by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR
  2. 2nd Place: “Summer Lights” pen & ink drawing by August Earls of Thayer, MO
  3. 3rd Place: “Country Roads” pastel drawing by Mark Wallen of Raymondville, MO

Miscellaneous Art Category:

  1. 1st Place: “Frankenstein’s Castle” mixed media by Donna K. Lay of West Plains, MO
  2. 2nd Place: “Covid Weary” mixed media by Donna K. Lay of West Plains, MO
  3. 3rd Place: “Home” screen printing by August Earls of Thayer, MO

Adult-Advanced Division Entries

Judge’s Favorite Picks:

Competition Judge Craig Grassle’s Selection: “Frankenstein’s Castle” by Donna K. Lay of West Plains, MO

Mixed Media “Frankenstein’s Castle Ruins” by Donna K. Lay


Competition Judge Lee Copen’s Selection: “Around The Bend” by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR

Pastel Drawing “Around The Bend” by Beth Ivens


Competition Judge Vicki Warren-Martin’s Selection: “Street Cellist” by Beth Ivens of Henderson, AR

Watercolor Painting “Street Cellist” by Beth Ivens


We want to thank all the artists who entered the competition for sharing their fabulous talents with us, the competition judges who donated their time and expertise to our cause, and our show sponsors:

The Law Office of Jacob Y. Garrett of West Plains, MO, and 1st Class Pest & Termite, LLC. of Alton, MO

* There will be an Artists’ Reception in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery from 4 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, November 18th where the public is invited to take in the show and cast their vote for the People’s Choice Award (which will be announced at the end of the reception) while also meeting the artists who participated in the show and enjoying a variety of light refreshments. This gallery show ends on Sunday, November 19, 2023. *

Artist Selection Announcement for 48th Annual Fall Art Show

We are happy to announce that the following entries have been selected for competition in Harlin Museum’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show:

“Colors Of Fall” by Deborah Lively

“Glencoe, Scotland” by Deborah Lively

“Springtime” by Deborah Lively

“Angel Fish” by Margret Lohr

“Blue Jay” by Margret Lohr

“Christmas Candle” by Marget Lohr

“Sunglass Reflections” by Margret Lohr

“Winter Stag” by Margret Lohr

“Country Roads” by Mark Wallen

“Country Roads Tornado Shelter” by Mark Wallen

“Maine Farm” by Mark Wallen

“Meramec Caverns” by Mark Wallen

“The Old Plow In Snow” by Mark Wallen

“New Life Ahead” by Bonnie Heenan

“Gaea in Flames” by Donna K. Lay

“Frankenstein’s Castle Ruins” by Donna K. Lay

“Autumn Mizz” by Donna K. Lay

“Fall Foliage”  by Donna K. Lay

“Different Angles, Different Views” by Sean McCormick

“Onlooker” by August Earls

“Sovereignty” by August Earls

“Summer Lights” by August Earls

“Christmas Joy” by August Earls

“Home” by August Earls

“Arkansas Woods” by Jeanne Roth

“Entangled” by Jeanne Roth

“Profusion” by Jeanne Roth

“Takin’ A Coffee Break” by Beth Ivens

“Around The Bend” by Beth Ivens

“Street Cellist” by Beth Ivens

“Beale Street Vibe” by Beth Ivens

“Street Performer” by Beth Ivens

“Two Brothers” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“May On The River” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Sunset Flowers” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Joplin Falls” by Janice Paine-Dawes

“Sunset Rainstorm” by Cindy Asberry

“Sunshine Plays” by Cindy Asberry

“Rose And Fruit” by Carrie McIntosh

“Hydrangeas, Apples, And Pitcher” by Carrie McIntosh

“Duck” by Carrie McIntosh

“Old Barn” by Carrie McIntosh

“Flowering Vine And Old Home” by Carrie McIntosh

“Cat Got Your Tongue” by Lauren Acevedo

“Neva’s House” by Rhonda Richter

“Still Life: Teakettle And Pears” by Rhonda Richter

“Winter’s Warmth” by Rhonda Richter

“Ready To Run” by Jan Dennis

“Peace Lilies” by Jan Dennis

“Weeping Willow” by Jan Dennis

“Misty Mountain Meadows” by Jan Dennis

“Purple Iris” by Vicki Westerfield

“Silly Tiger” by Vicki Westerfield

“Belle’s Pansies” by Vicki Westerfield

“Elk In Autumn” by Vicki Westerfield

“Jemez Winter” by Vicki Westerfield

Congratulations Artists! 

The 48th Annual Harlin Museum Fall Art Show will open, on Friday, October 20th, and will be displayed in the Hathcock Gallery through November 19th.

*Edited to add selected entries by Donna K. Lay, Margret Lohr, Mark Wallen, Deborah Lively and Bonnie Heenan

Call For Artist Entries! Submission Deadline For Harlin’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show Is Fast Approaching…..

Open call to artists for entry into Harlin Museum’s 48th Annual Fall Art Show Competition!

This show is an open-theme juried show with a youth division, adult novice, and adult advanced divisions. Entries must meet competition guidelines during the juried portion of the entry process for acceptance into the competition. The jurors will select the work for the exhibition based on quality of work and technical skill.

The selected entries are guaranteed a place in the show; each selected piece will be judged using a point-based evaluation system that evaluates four areas (each worth 25 points, for a total possible score of 100 points): design composition, technique/skill of construction, presentation, and creativity/originality. Prizes will be awarded to the entries receiving the highest scores in succession in each category, including Best Of Show. The People’s Choice award will be chosen by public vote.

Guidelines: Limit five entries per artist. 2D and 3D entries; all styles, subject matter, and mediums allowed. All pieces must be original works of the artist entering.  No Copies or Kits.  All work must not have been previously shown in a Harlin Museum Art Competition.  All 2D entries must be either framed, gallery-wrapped canvas, or otherwise secured with wire or eye screws for hanging.  No saw-tooth hangers.  All sculptures or other 3D art must be free-standing or be accompanied by any necessary display equipment.

To submit your entries for jury consideration, email good-quality images of each of your entries (along with the completed entry form) to by the jury submission deadline, which is Monday, October 9th, 11:45 pm.

Entry forms can be picked up at the museum, completed online by clicking HERE, or printed off by following THIS link.

Treat Yourself To A Fun-Filled Time To Satisfy Any Art Hunger! Treat Your Palette To Host Monthly Painting Events At The Harlin

Treat Your Palette, a local painting party event planner, is now offering a monthly fun art experience at the Harlin Museum.

Instructed by WPHS art teacher, Karen Pitts, Treat Your Palette will host painting parties every third Saturday of the month where you are provided step-by-step instruction for an ongoing variety of art projects that you can then take home and enjoy—-with the ultimate goals being for you to have fun painting with your family & friends, for you to meet and interact with new friends from the community, to relax with the creation of art after a hard day, all while discovering your inner artist!

Join us this upcoming Saturday, August 19th from 10 am – 12 pm to paint this Rustic Chicken (as pictured above). All painting supplies are provided and no art experience is needed. The class is $25.00 per person. Just click on this link or visit online to sign up.

Theme of Harlin’s Upcoming “Our Ozarks In Art” Multimedia Show is “Ozarks Landmarks”

The Harlin Museum of West Plains, MO will be hosting its 2023 Ozarks – Themed Multimedia Art Show, Our Ozarks In Art, and is calling for artist submissions from throughout the region.

This multimedia show is designed to showcase the works of all types of artists. Categories may include but are not limited to PAINTINGS (oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, etc.) DRAWINGS (pastels, graphite, charcoal, pen & ink, colored pencil, etc.) SCULPTURE (wood, clay, ceramic, metal, paper mâché, etc.) PHOTOGRAPHY (nature, landscape, astrophotography, pet photography, macro, aerial, drone photography, architecture, portrait, still life, black & white, abstract, etc.) PAPERCRAFT (collage, quilling, etc.) MIXED MEDIA (any combination of 2 or more mediums) MODELS (kits, original design, etc.) Entries will need to meet the established guidelines for acceptance into the show, which can be found HERE. The show’s final categories and any prizes to be awarded will be determined by the actual entries received.

Entry dates for submissions will be Friday, September 1st, and Saturday, September 2nd. Entries will be taken both days, between the hours of 12 pm – 4 pm each day, at the Harlin Museum, which is located at 405 Worcester, West Plains, MO. The show will be on display to the public in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery, beginning September 8th and running through October 1st, 2023.

Entry fees are $5.00 per entry, with a cost break at five entries…for $20.00, you’ll get four entries–plus one for free!

Entries will be evaluated for artistic quality, integrity, technique, and presentation, as well as how skillfully they represent the Ozarks by artistically conveying this year’s theme, Ozark Landmarks.

Those who are interested in entering the competition can find entry guidelines and other pertinent information on the museum’s website by clicking here on GUIDELINES or by stopping in at the museum and grabbing one of the flyers that are available in the museum’s lobby. Entry forms for submissions may be filled out ahead of time online by clicking HERE. Any questions regarding eligibility or other inquiries can be emailed to the museum at  or you may contact the museum directly at (417) 256-7801.

Ozark Heritage Lecture Series : MO Humanities speaker Brooks Blevins reschedules lecture at the Harlin for Saturday, July 15th at 1pm


Join us at 1 pm on Saturday, July 15 for a presentation by Dr. Brooks Blevins–who spends his days as a Missouri Humanities speaker, an MSU Professor of Ozark Studies, a resident historian, and an author–on the intricacies of language and the spoken word here in the Ozarks.

This lighthearted presentation explores early ethnic and cultural influences on the Ozarks through the lens of dialect and accent. It dismisses the old notion of Elizabethan dialect in the Ozarks and instead looks at words, phrases, and speech patterns that were once common in vernacular Ozark (and usually Appalachian) language, tracing their origins to European or colonial American roots.

The presentation invites frequent audience participation and includes a built-in “Talking Ozark” quiz. Natives or longtime residents of the Ozarks will enjoy revisiting styles and words that have probably gone unused for decades, and others will gain an appreciation for cultural diffusion and regional distinctiveness in Missouri—as well as the forces that constantly chip away at that distinctiveness.

Dr. Blevins’ lecture will coincide with the display of our Ozark Heritage Exhibit, which features L.L.Broadfoot’s Pioneers of the Ozarks collection of original charcoal sketches and oil paintings–depicting local people, customs, and traditions, and, as a whole, representing the last traces of the simpler world that was this region in the late 1930s/early 1940s. Along with each character portrait, the artist included a written portion with all the inflections and accents unique to each individual, telling a little portion of their personal story–and invoking a collective image that is unparalleled by any other collection of its kind.

It offers an interesting backdrop to the topic of language that Dr. Blevins will be covering. So, please, make plans to come to hear Dr. Blevins speak on, “How To Talk Ozark In Seven Simple Steps” at the Harlin Museum on June 15th at 1 pm. Free admission; donations are welcome. The Ozark Heritage exhibit will be on display at the museum until September 3rd, 2023.

Winner Announcements for the Harlin’s 2023 Photography Show

We are pleased to announce twelve winning entries, each chosen from the array of forty-one photography entries given for consideration by the judges, in our 2023 Photography Show!

In each of three separate categories–Monochromatic, Altered, & Color, as well as for Best of Show–the entries were awarded for their highest score in the areas evaluated by the two photography show judges, Melissa Wharton & Dennis Crider, who are both educated photographers who work professionally within our local photography community. Each judge considered the elements of Design & Composition, Technique, Presentation, and Creativity & Originality in awarding each photo entry its points earned out of 25 for each section, allowing for a perfect score of 200 points.

The top winner, a sharp black & white photo of a four-legged furry friend named “Sir”, won Best Of Show as the only entry of this year’s submissions to achieve a perfect numeric score of 200.

We hope you will come and enjoy viewing this show while its on display in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery, from now until Sunday, May 28th. Harlin Museum is open to the public every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm – 4 pm, and by private appointment any other day of the week or for large tour groups.



(click photos to enlarge)


Best Of Show: “Sir” by Jimmy Garner of West Plains, MO


Monochromatic Photography Category Winners 

1. “Missouri Wild Horse League” by Jordan Caughron of West Plains, MO.

2. “Bronc Circle Of Life” by Tony Logue of West Plains, MO

3. “Falling In Place” by Sean McCormick of West Plains, MO


Altered Photography Category Winners

1. “Moon Glow” by Tony Logue of West Plains, MO

2. “Windless Trees” by Sean McCormick of West Plains, MO


Color Photography Category Winners

1. “Going To The Chapel” by Attie Acklin of West Plains, MO

2. Tied: “Warmth, Light, and His Word” by Marc Brannan of West Plains, MO

2. Tied: “New Beginnings” by Tony Logue of West Plains, MO

3. “Erie Gal” by Tony Logue of West Plains, MO

Honorable Mentions: 

“Attracted To The Colors” by Marc Brannan of West Plains, MO

“Mountain Life” by Attie Acklin of West Plains, MO


And, in addition to those entries that placed in the competition categories, these 29 other photographs were submitted for competition. Everyone who wishes to has the opportunity to vote for the winner of the People’s Choice Award—either by voting in-person at the gallery show (located at 405 Worcester, West Plains, MO) or by “liking” the photo of your favorite in the 2023 Photography Show photo album on our Facebook page


For those of you looking for the perfect piece of art to adorn your wall, you’ll find that several of the entries in this show are being offered for sale. All sales contribute, in part, to supporting the museum and its ability to serve our community, as well as supporting the artist who created it.  It is the aim of our annual open-call art / textile / photography shows to provide an avenue for all artists to gain recognition for their talents…by introducing those talents to you, the public at large. The Ozarks are fast becoming an artist haven, both for those who are longtime professionals full of knowledge and for those with burgeoning raw talent awaiting discovery.  If you are interested in a piece from this show, please contact the museum by email at or phone the museum at (417) 256-7801.

There will be an Artist Reception held at the museum to celebrate the photography show with food, fun, and stimulating conversation on Saturday afternoon, May 20th at 3pm; all are welcome! 

Congratulations to all! We hope to see you at the museum 🙂




Announcement of Winners in Harlin’s 2023 Spring Art Show

We are happy to announce that of the fifty-seven entries to this year’s Spring Art Show at the Harlin Museum, TWENTY-SIX of those entries have been awarded a ribbon for excellence!  The Harlin’s Spring Art Show is meant to give area artists of all calibers an opportunity to present their talent in a competition setting. This show offers both Novice and Expert level divisions, as well as a separate Youth Division. Categories this year included Paintings, Drawings, Mixed Media, and 3D (3-Dimensional) Art.

And….the winners are:



Studio” an acrylic painting by Lonnie Meuser of West Plains, MO




Adult-Novice Division

1st Place: “Mercy” (Watercolor) by LeeAnn Tombley of West Plains, MO

2nd Place:  “The Vine” (Watercolor) by LeeAnn Tombley of West Plains, MO

3rd Place:  “Earl’s Roost” (Acrylic on metal) by Rebecca Earls of West Plains, MO

Honorable Mention:  “Old Car” (Watercolor) by Robert Kelley of West Plains, MO


Adult-Expert Division

1st Place:  “Tools Of The Trade” (Acrylic} by Ruth Kelley of West Plains, MO

2nd Place:  “Peace” (Acrylic) by Kelli Albin of West Plains, MO

3rd Place:  “A Posse Of Rockhoppers” (Acrylic) by Ruth Kelley of West Plains, MO  &  “Blue Splatter” (Acrylic) by Kelli Albin of West Plains, MO



Adult-Novice Division



Adult-Expert Division

1st Place:  “Whoo’s There?” (Graphite) by Lonnie Meuser of West Plains, MO

2nd Place:  “County Clare Cathedral Ruins” (Ebony Pencil) by Ron McGarry of Willow Springs, MO

3rd Place:  “Magnified” (Color Pencil) by Brenda Taylor of West Plains, MO

Honorable Mentions:  “Rocky Falls” (Ebony Pencil) by Ron McGarry of Willow Springs, MO  &  “Rockin’ Robin” (Color Pencil) by Brenda Taylor of West Plains, MO



Adult-Novice Division

1st Place:  “Light House Sunrise” (Mixed Media) by Cheryll Stellman of West Plains, MO

2nd Place:  “Bailey’s Star” (Mixed Media) by Lauren Acevedo of West Plains, MO

3rd Place:  “Grandma’s House” (Mixed Media-Reverse Glass Painting with old sash window) by Cheryll Stellman of West Plains, MO



1st Place:  “Bandit” (Mixed Media) by Brenda Taylor of West Plains, MO




Adult- Novice Division

1st Place:  “3-Piece Jewelry Set” (Mixed Media-Metal & Beads) by Cheryll Stellman of West Plains, MO


Adult-Expert Division

1st Place:  “On The Road Again” (Metal Sculpture) by Jim Davis of Thornfield, MO

2nd Place:  “Care To Dance?” (Metal Sculpture) by Jim Davis of Thornfield, MO

3rd Place:  “Integration No.1” (Mixed Media Sculpture) by Cathie McClellan



1st Place:  “Barney” (Mixed Media-Alcohol Marker/Pen & Ink) by Jeremiah Tombley of West Plains, MO

2nd Place:  “The Constructioneer” (Mixed Media-Alcohol Marker/Pen & Ink) by Jeremiah Tombley of West Plains, MO

3rd Place:  “Great Blue Heron” (Color Pencil) by MaKenna Smith of West Plains, MO

Honorable Mention:  “Oriole” (Color Pencil) by MaKenna Smith of West Plains, MO


Congratulations to all of the artists! The art show is open to the public during the museum’s regular hours of operation 

(Thursday – Sunday, 12 pm – 4 pm) or by appointment (email the museum at ) and will be on display now through April 30th. A public Artists’  Reception will be held in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery from 3 pm – 5 pm on Saturday, April 22nd.

The Harlin Museum is located at 405 Worcester in downtown West Plains, MO.


















Upcoming Art Show: MIND GAMES by Craig Grassle Opens March 10th

Robert Craig Grassle, AIA, is an architect and artist from Missouri.  His inspirations come from his family life and professional education.  

He learned the use of color and its relationship to emotion from his mother; encouragement with experimentation, creativity, and originality from his father, and persistence from both of his parents.

Born in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, the artist spent his early childhood near the Mississippi River in the Boothill town of East Prairie, Missouri. Later in childhood, his family moved to the Ozarks–specifically a town named West Plains, Missouri.  As a 1977 graduate from West Plains High School, he attributes the beginning of his interest in art composition to his high school art instructor, Roy Hathcock, and his interest in the study of music to his instructor, Tom O’Connor.  Both studies would assist him greatly in his eventual architectural design career.  

In 1982, he graduated from the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville Arkansas.  Upon graduation, he moved to Texas to begin his architecture career and has been a registered Texas Architect since 1987.  He has created structures in Austin, Texas, and Houston, Texas–where he currently resides.  His architectural work has typically focused on large higher education, medical, and science technology buildings around Texas.

He is now taking what he has learned through his life experiences and professional career and expressing his concepts in artistic compositions.

His “MIND GAMES” art exhibit in the Hathcock Gallery at the museum will bring his journey full circle, displaying his artwork in the gallery named for his former inspirational high school art instructor. The exhibit will display some of his earlier work, demonstrating the evolution of his art.  These pieces utilize bright, vibrant, contrasting, and complimentary colors with free-flowing strokes that illustrate movement and expression. He intentionally places thought in the mind of the observer—by the use of negative space–to create positive images. When analyzing his compositions, the artist suggests you observe the negative space revealing concepts beyond the subject matter.

Mr. Grassle is excited for his first private exhibit “MIND GAMES” to occur in West Plains, Missouri, the community that helped to create and inspire the man himself. The exhibit is open to the public and will be on display from March 10th through April 2nd, with two opportunities to meet the artist during the Artist Receptions: the first will be on March 11 from 3 pm-5 pm, and the second will be on April 1st, from 12 pm-3 pm.