Call For Art Submissions: Harlin Museum’s Upcoming Annual Spring Art Show

The Harlin Museum of West Plains, MO is set to host its Annual Spring Art Show for 2022 and is calling for art submissions from all Ozarks regional artists. Entry dates for the show’s competition will be Friday, April 1st, and Saturday, April 2nd from 12 pm-4 pm each day at the museum. The show’s entries will be on display in the museum’s Hathcock Gallery, from April 8th – to May 1st, 2022.

Final categories for this competition art show will be determined by the entries received; artists can enter any kind of Fine Art piece, including Paintings (oil, watercolor, gouache, acrylics, ink and wash, tempera, or encaustic paints), Drawings (charcoal, chalk, crayon, pastel, pencil, or pen & ink), Printmaking pieces (woodcuts, stencils, block print, scratch art, engraving, etching, and lithography, or screen-printing, foil imaging, or giclee prints), and Sculpture ( bronze, stone, marble, wood, clay, metal or 3D print), as well as mixed media entries and Digital Art (Still or Animated). Any type of 2D or 3D art is eligible.  All entries will be evaluated for design/composition, technique/skill of construction, presentation, and creativity/originality by three individual judges..

Entries must meet given guidelines and pass jury standards for acceptance into the competition portion of the show. Guidelines for entry, as well as entry fee amounts and other pertinent information, can be found below.  All other inquiries should be emailed to the museum at  or relayed via telephone to show organizer Vicki Warren-Martin at 870-706-7863 (text or call).